• Family Law Is Our Primary Focus

    Whether dealing with divorce, custody, or support, we're here to help.

    And when domestic abuse, infidelity, or alcohol or substance abuse complicate matters,
    you need experienced and determined representation on your side.

  • High Asset / High Income Divorce

    When the Stakes are High,
    Turn to a Team with the Experience and Resources to Make a Difference.

    For high wage earners or individuals with significant assets,
    the divorce process can be particularly stressful. Often, a lifetime of work is on the line.

    Properly valuing businesses, real estate, retirement assets, and self-employment income
    will be critical to your case.

    We have the resources, experience, and expert affiliations necessary
    to generate the best outcome.

  • High Conflict Divorce and Parenting

    When marriage ends and warfare begins.

    What do you do when the other parent refuses to work with you?
    How do you deal with emotional wounds and fear of what the other parent might do?

    When you can't reason with the other side, sometimes the only option
    is to fight the hard fight in court.

    Make sure you have the right team on your side.

  • Collaborative Practice

    When families fail, making sure everyone is treated fairly is most important.

    Divorce doesn't have to be the end of the world.
    When both sides can come to the table and work in good faith
    the outcome can be more satisfying for both sides.

    Still, strength at the negotiating table is important.

    We're ready to help negotiate a solution that works for you.

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Welcome to Balkus Law Offices

At Balkus Law Offices, we are committed to helping families through difficult transitions as smoothly as possible. With this aim in mind, our firm began as a Family Law Practice. Over the years, our clients have asked us to represent them in related matters ranging from Supreme Court appeals to defending against criminal charges. Our successes have led us to broaden the scope of our practice over time. We service the legal needs of New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents, with many of our clients hailing from the areas of Concord, Portsmouth, and Manchester NH. Tell us about your problems and concerns. We'll work to resolve your legal issues in a way that meets your goals.


Family Law

Whether dealing with divorce or domestic abuse, infidelity, or chronic alcohol or substance abuse, you are probably facing the most challenging time of your life. At the same time, you may feel the least emotionally capable of making important decisions. We try to listen carefully and be sensitive to your needs, concerns and goals. At the same time, we evaluate and explain your situation and help you discover the best way to protect yourself while reaching your goals.

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Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party facilitates the resolution of family disputes by assisting the parties in creating their own voluntary agreements. In other words, a mediator helps people settle their differences without going to court. The process is designed to be less adversarial than litigating in court. Mediation is also less costly, both financially and emotionally.

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Probate Matters

Wills provide a legal mechanism for disposing of property upon death in a way that recognizes your wishes and the needs of your survivors. Through a will you can choose a guardian for your minor children or pets, or you can specify that particular items of personal property be given to specific people. A will allows you to direct the details of your funeral and burial: how, by whom, or on what things your money may be spent; who may be in charge of making sure your directions are carried out; at what age your children can receive your gift to them; and how it should be manage until that time.

Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense lawyers are here to protect your rights—whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge or want to fight a violation. A delay could jeopardize your rights, so it is important that you seek legal assistance immediately. Call today so that we can help minimize the impact of a misdemeanor on your life.


Let Us Help

Let Us Help

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Compassionate Lawyers for Difficult Situations

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About Balkus Law

What began as a Family Law Practice expanded to include more services when our clients requested our assistance with other legal matters. We are dedicated to helping families through difficult transitions and finding solutions that work for our clients.


From aggressive and thoughtful litigation to private mediation, our firm has the experience and savvy to meet your needs - when you need it most.

Service Areas

We service clients who are facing legal conflicts in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our most-serviced areas include Concord, Portsmouth, and Manchester NH, as well as the towns that lay within the following counties in New Hampshire: Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, and Strafford.