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Having A Lawyer Handle Your Child Support Case Can Make Your Arrangement Easier

Navigating NH child support laws can be difficult. We can help make sure that your child support agreement or order is fair and that it ensures the best for your family.

Having a lawyer look at your child support agreement or order is always a good idea, because it can often be difficult to fully understand your rights. Child support is one way the State of New Hampshire ensures that children are taken care of after their parents’ separation. Child support in NH is based on the principle that both parents should share responsibility for the economic support of their child.

Child support costs are determined by the income shares model, which means that the child support calculation presumes that a child should receive the same proportion of parental income that the child would have received if the parents still lived together. (See details on NH child support calculations here.) Children cannot be economically harmed by the fact that their parents have split up, even if their parents have more children.

Parents often mistakenly believe that child support cannot be ordered if the parents equally share a parenting schedule. A shared parenting schedule is only one of many factors a judge takes into consideration when deciding child support in NH. A judge can also look at the overall household financial picture, including unusually high or low income of either parent. Other considerations include state taxes either parent may need to pay or tax exemptions and other tax related benefits. A judge may also examine what happened to the marital home and how that affects how the child is provided for.

Parents also often mistakenly believe that once child support is set it does not change. What’s more, even if he or she knows that it could change, they do not know how to petition the court to modify child support. People easily become discouraged from modifying child support, because they do not know what information they need or what information they are entitled to receive from the other parent to get an appropriate court order.

Given all of these factors, it is best to let a lawyer help you with your child support agreement or with litigation in court. You should know your rights to ensure that your child is fully provided for. If you are confused about your child support arrangment, or are in the process of forming a child support agreement, call us today.

Family friction is difficult to deal with, even when legal disputes are not involved. When they are, let us help ease your family through them. If you’re facing difficulties navigating NH law, we’re the child support lawyers that can help. Contact us today: 603-255-1776 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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