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Our Divorce Lawyers Have Experience In NH Courts And Can Get You The Help You Need

The lawyer you choose for your divorce should not only be knowledgeable but also understanding and welcoming.


Not all divorce lawyers in NH offer the personal attention that each lawyer at Balkus Law does. We want your divorce process to align with your goals. That’s why the first thing we do at your appointment is talk about your concerns and expectations regarding the case. We encourage you to establish a long-term plan for the dissolution of your marriage, and beyond. In our experience this helps us explore optimal strategies to help you reach your goals.

Our strategy would include determining whether or not you have any issues that should be addressed immediately. If so, we then talk about the different ways we can address those issues, whether it is as informal as a phone call to the other person’s lawyer or as aggressive as filing a motion for emergency orders with the court.
Then we talk about the best way to get to a resolution of your case. We believe that divorce does not have to be contentious. The least costly and emotionally challenging divorce can happen when both parties are reasonable and are willing to negotiate in good faith. We always strive to make this happen. Unfortunately, no one can control how the other person acts. Sometimes, in order to meet your needs and goals, we have to more vigorously pursue other ways to protect your interests. Usually this means asking for help from the court by filing a motion. Sometimes, during the course of your divorce, it means we have to file a number of motions. Before filing any motions, we talk it out with you. We strategize with you by discussing the pros and cons of any action, refer back to your goals, and remain mindful of both your financial and emotional costs.


The Divorce Basics

Although each person’s divorce is different from others, the basic process still follows the same parameters. The case must be opened in the Circuit Court, Family Division by filing a petition.  Financial information has to be shared. Usually the court issues temporary orders, either after a hearing or by approving a temporary agreement. Before the final hearing, the court will schedule a hearing called a Pre-Trial Hearing to establish limits and deadlines for the Final Hearing. Lastly, the divorce is complete when either all settlement documents are filed, or a court issues its final order following a Final Hearing.  At every step of the way, you can avoid going to further court hearings by negotiating and reaching a settlement instead.

Not all divorce lawyers in NH offer the inviting environment that Balkus Law does. Getting a divorce can be a difficult process, but being supported, informed, and empowered can help reduce the impact on your life. Call for an appointment at 603-225-1776 and let us help you navigate your choices and reach your goals. 

About Balkus Law

What began as a Family Law Practice expanded to include more services when our clients requested our assistance with other legal matters. We are dedicated to helping families through difficult transitions and finding solutions that work for our clients.


From aggressive and thoughtful litigation to private mediation, our firm has the experience and savvy to meet your needs - when you need it most.

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We service clients who are facing legal conflicts in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our most-serviced areas include Concord, Portsmouth, and Manchester NH, as well as the towns that lay within the following counties in New Hampshire: Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, and Strafford.