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Legal separation results when a couple separates and a court issues orders surrounding division of property and possibly alimony, child support, and child custody. A legal separation is not a divorce. After a separation, the parties are not free to remarry until they are divorced. Sometimes a legal separation makes sense. A couple may wish to remain married but live separately for personal or religious reasons. A legal separation can provide a legal demarcation between the couple's property and income and provide each some protection moving forward. A legal separation is not the same as living apart, "splitting up" or agreeing to separate. Only the legal process and a court order can provide the types of protections a couple may need..


Separation Basics

Although each person’s legal separation is different from others, the basic process still follows the same parameters. The case must be opened in the Circuit Court, Family Division by filing a petition.  Financial information has to be shared. Usually the court issues temporary orders, either after a hearing or by approving a temporary agreement. Before the final hearing, the court will schedule a hearing called a Pre-Trial Hearing to establish limits and deadlines for the Final Hearing. Lastly, the separation is complete when either all settlement documents are filed, or a court issues its final order following a Final Hearing.  At every step of the way, you can avoid going to further court hearings by negotiating and reaching a settlement instead.

Not all separation lawyers in NH offer the inviting environment that Balkus Law does. Getting a separation can be a difficult process, but being supported, informed, and empowered can help reduce the impact on your life. Call for an appointment at 603-225-1776 and let us help you navigate your choices and reach your goals. 

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