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Visitation Rights Can Be Difficult For Parents To Decide On Their Own

You need a lawyer who can navigate your child visitation rights if both parents cannot agree on what’s best for their children


Visitation rights may need to be addressed in court if both parents cannot come to an agreement on their own regarding their child’s scheduled time with both mother and father. Parents who live separate lives often disagree on issues relating to their children. Sometimes the disagreements are for good reasons and sometimes they’re not. If the other parent is abusive, neglectful, or spiteful, you just may not be able to work with them. In these cases, you may need to bring the matter to court, and for that you should have an experienced lawyer who knows child visitation rights on your side.

All too often people use access to the children as a way to punish the other parent for wrongs done to them, whether real or imagined. On the other hand, the requirement to pay child support to another parent sometimes leads people to make decisions that just aren’t what’s right for the children. Sometimes going to court is the only answer, and family lawyers, like us, know how to navigate child visitation rights with a judge.

Our highly experienced attorneys work in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We will review the facts of your case and develop a plan to protect your parental rights, get you custody, or get you the visitation rights that you deserve. 

Father’s Visitation Rights:

Often, fathers feel as though the system is stacked against them. By not understanding how the system works and what judges are looking for, fathers sometimes shoot themselves in the foot. They may not take the proceedings seriously, not follow the rules, act aggressively, or just leave a bad impression with the court. 

These things often happen out of frustration with the system and not because of any real problem with the father. Clients come to us at all stages of their case. While it’s best for us to help from the start, we can help at any stage of the proceedings. Whether it involves rehabilitating your image before the court, advising on the best way to deal with an obstructionist and difficult mother, or protecting your rights through aggressive litigation, we are a father-friendly firm and we’re here to help.

Grandparent’s Visitations Rights:

In some cases, the law provides for grandparents to have ongoing visitation with grandchildren even when the mom or dad stand in the way. We will listen and work with grandparents to develop a plan to make sure your important relationship with your grandchild stays as strong as it can be even if mom or dad disagree.


Visitation rights can be difficult for parents to work out on their own. If you’re facing difficulties navigating the system of NH laws or Mass laws, we’re the family law lawyers that can help with child visitation rights. We are here to assist Massachusetts and New Hampshire residents, including those from the areas of Concord, Portsmouth, Nashua, and Manchester. Contact us today: 603-255-1776 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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