We Work to Make Our Representation Affordable

There are no two ways around it. Competent legal representation can be expensive.


We work hard to contain costs and still deliver the best representation: our rates are on par with other firms; we assign appropriate tasks to our exceptional paralegal to reduce costs where possible; we increase efficiency and reduce costs by staying abreast of the latest technology; our advice to our clients is always attuned to the most economical solution for their particular case; and - with over two decades of combined experience, we don't need to spend your money "reinventing the wheel" for every issue.


Complete Representation

Many firms require a retainer of $10,000 or more just to accept your case. We recognize that not everyone can dish out that kind of money, especially when a family is breaking up. Nevertheless, you need a good lawyer to help you navigate troubled waters. To help, our initial retainer requirement is usually significantly lower and our payment plan allows payments to be made during the case rather than up-front.


"Unbundled Services"

For various reasons, not everyone chooses to hire a lawyer to represent them on a full-time basis. In these situations, we may be able to help on a limited basis .

You can hire us for discrete tasks rather than to be responsible for your whole case. Maybe you'd like us to review or prepare a document for you to file with the court. Maybe you need a fresh set of eyes on your plans as you move forward representing yourself. Or maybe you just need someone to review statutes and court rules before you represent yourself at a hearing. We can help in these and many other ways without the need for a retained. In hiring us on an unbundled basis, you just pay for our time at our customary rate.

About Balkus Law

What began as a Family Law Practice expanded to include more services when our clients requested our assistance with other legal matters. We are dedicated to helping families through difficult transitions and finding solutions that work for our clients.


From aggressive and thoughtful litigation to private mediation, our firm has the experience and savvy to meet your needs - when you need it most.

Service Areas

We service clients who are facing legal conflicts in the states of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our most-serviced areas include Concord, Portsmouth, and Manchester NH, as well as the towns that lay within the following counties in New Hampshire: Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, and Strafford.