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Let A Divorce Mediator Help You Through Your Separation

Mediation allows you to have control over the outcome of your divorce 

Having a mediator can make your divorce seem less strenuous. What’s more, through mediation, your divorce can be completed more quickly and less expensively than going right to court. More importantly, you can also achieve greater satisfaction by participating in crafting a well thought out and workable settlement. Our divorce mediators know NH law and can help make your separation as seamless as possible.

Judges always tell divorcing couples that it is better for them to have control over the outcome of their divorce than to have the judge decide. They say this because they know that you will feel more satisfied with the outcome of your case when you maintain control over it. A divorce mediator can help you manage that control. Furthermore, mediation allows you to have more flexibility with the terms of your divorce settlement. For example, you and your spouse can agree on whether and how to contribute to your children’s college expenses, but a judge cannot order you to do so. Additionally, through mediation you can be creative in how and when the marital home is sold, who lives there, and how expenses will be paid. 

In addition to working through differences to reach a settlement on all necessary terms, the details of your agreement must be thorough in order for it to sufficiently serve you after your divorce is final. Your divorce agreement must be workable. A knowledgeable divorce mediator knows what your final settlement documents need to contain. They also know the details necessary to make sure your settlement is comprehensive enough to provide structure when differences arise after the divorce. 

A divorce attorney mediator is experienced in litigating issues that come up after the divorce is finished. Since attorneys have experience with judges’ decisions about these issues, they can help you make sure your settlement terms are complete.  “Complete,” “thorough,” or “workable” settlement documents mean that you have included instruction for contingencies.

For example, sometimes settlement documents only say that “the house will be sold and the proceeds equally divided.” Then the Court approves, the divorce is final, and the former couple cannot agree on a realtor or the selling price. Or, between the time when the divorce is final and the house sells, the furnace breaks down and arguments arise over who should fix it. When the former couple cannot agree and the settlement documents are not detailed enough to cover these contingencies, the former couple ends up in court. However, when a mediated divorce agreement covers likely contingencies, then the answers are already there.

Our divorce mediators have years of experience navigating NH law. Whether you live in the areas of Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua, Salem, or any of the towns inbetween, we are here to help make your divorce as easy as possible. Maintain control over your separation by calling us today.

Family friction is difficult to deal with, even when legal disputes are not involved. When they are, let us help ease your family through them. If you’re facing difficulties navigating NH law, we’re the divorce mediation lawyers that can help. Contact us today: 603-255-1776 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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