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April 17, 2014

More and more research shows that the earlier in a child's life a change in his or her environment occurs, the greater its impact. So, what does this say about the timing of divorce in a family?

Recognizing When Kids Benefit From Their Parent's Divorce - The Atlantic


I think that the 2 biggest concerns that people have when they are deciding to divorce are: being alone and financial stability. Here is an article that addresses fears and concerns about being alone. Deciding to divorce is difficult of course, but fear should not be the driving force in your decision.

Being Alone After Divorce: Why It's Okay and Tips on How to Enjoy It, by Jackie Pilossoph


Family issues often revolve around aging parents: how to care for them; where they will live; and how their money should be handled. I think one of the most difficult situations happens when a parent refuses much needed assistance. The following article discusses this problem.

Unwilling to Cope, Unwilling to Accept Aid, by Judith Graham

Another Wednesday

I found this article to be particularly helpful in instructing people how to cope with fear in divorce. Fear is debilitating. Fear causes people to make bad decisions. Fear causes people to behave badly, often with serious consequences in divorce. This article references military training in "arousal control," and no, it's not about sex. The tips show ways that you can control your fear arousal and the panic associated with it.
Conquering Fear After Divorce


Even though I found this article to be blatant advertising for this divorce financial planner firm, as well as somewhat patronizing to women, I am posting it because it contains very useful information. I second almost all of his recommendations (and for those I do not, it is because I do them for my clients already).
Seven Must-Do Steps For Women Who Want Financial Stability Post-Divorce


The New York Times spotlights divorced couples who successfully continue to run businesses together. Husband and Wife businesses can pose some of the biggest problems in a divorce. This article show us it can be done. The key is RESPECT.

When Couples Divorce But Still Run A Business Together


As part of my ongoing series about the ways in which people make life changing decisions, I am exploring the question outside of the realm of Family Law disputes. This article is from the Website of the thought provoking Krista Tippett. It is about chance encounters that become formative in our lives, that expand our experience and way of thinking. And no, I am not talking about “encounters” that lead to affairs that lead to divorce….

What's Your Chance Encounter with Difference?

From On Being, with Krista Tippett


Here is one man's shout out about society's perception that men are not often "good dads."

I Hate Being Called a Good Dad


New Administrative Order issued yesterday. With agreement of parties and counsel, copies of pleadings and other communication sent by email will be considered in compliance with certificate of service rules. The link below will take you to the full Administrative Order.

Administrative Order 2012-6


Coping with split photo Take a few hours off to do something you enjoy. This is one suggestion from the author of this article about coping with the overwhelming sadness and stress of a split.

How To Cope With An Overwhelming Split, by Amy Sue Nathan.

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